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Reliable Electrical Installations

in Lakewood, WA, and the Surrounding Areas

When searching for electrical services in Lakewood, WA, or any of the nearby areas, you want to find a trustworthy, reliable electrician that guarantees first-class solutions. For all your electrical installation needs, you can always count on the licensed and certified electricians at Skipper & Son’s Electric to get the job done right. We always put our clients’ needs first and guarantee their satisfaction 100%. We’re a family-owned business that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured you’ll receive top-notch services.

What We Can Install

Skipper & Son’s Electric can install:

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    Ceiling fans

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    Recessed lighting

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    Light fixtures and dimmers

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    EV charging stations

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    Electrical heaters

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    Breaker panel

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    and many more!

Reasons to Leave Electrical Installations to a Pro

Unless you’re a professional electrician, you should never attempt to make electrical installations on your own. One of the main reasons you should leave electrical installation in Lakewood, WA, or any of the other areas we serve to the pros is because they can become dangerous if not done correctly. Electricity is powerful, and if you don’t have the skills and experience required to handle the installations, you can easily hurt yourself and others.

In addition, electrical work can become costly to fix if something goes wrong. Moreover, when you attempt to handle electrical installations on your own, you risk starting an electrical fire. Miswiring home appliances or crossing wires may cause fire sparks, which might ignite something in your home, engulfing your property in flames.

Benefits of Electrical Installations

When you enlist our professional electrical installation services, you can save yourself a lot of time. At Skipper & Son’s Electric, we have the knowledge and experience needed to complete the job quickly. In addition, our electricians have the expertise to install your wiring properly so that you don’t have to be concerned about your safety. Furthermore, hiring an expert electrical installation contractor will help you avoid making any errors that could cost you thousands of dollars down the line.










    When you work with Skipper & Son’s Electric for your residential electrical needs, you receive:
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      First-class customer service

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      High-quality electrical services

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      Competitive, flat rates

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      24/7 emergency services

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